CGN is featured in ePowerBay ranking

Best performance in 10 wind farms and 2 solar parks

CGN Brazil Energy (CGNBE) was featured in ePower Bay’s Solar and Wind Operational Ranking, an online market intelligence platform for renewable energy projects in Brazil during the month of April. Out of 628 wind farms and 115 solar farms analyzed, the company ranked 10 wind farms in the Top 10 and 2 solar as the best performers.

The Capacity Factor (CF) of the assets of the Marmeleiro II Wind Farm stood out in the platform for having an average CF of 56.08%, which is above the national average of 27.49%. The Aura Mirim IV wind farm was the most efficient, with a CF of 57.73%. The top 10 belong to the group, and the other 2 were in 11th position (Aura Mirim VI) and 18th position (Aura Mangueira 18).

In the solar ranking, Bom Jesus da Lapa I and II assets were highlighted in the first two positions, where the average capacity factor was 28.5%. The number also stands above the national average, which is 22.15%. These results are the fruit of hard work. The CGNBE has 24/7 monitoring through its own Operation Center capable of promptly conducting actions to attenuate operational deviations and maximize production.

By putting the Pillars of Safety first, the Company differentiates itself by the quality of its services and by the constant search for excellence in its area of operation. This explains the profile of the Operation with Maintenance team, known for its versatility, commitment, engagement and high performance. Always in search of the best results, that is, doing the right thing at one go.

According to CGNBE’s operation and maintenance coordinator, James Martins Parreira, the Company is focused on extracting the maximum from wind and solar resources, always respecting the safety of employees and assets, as well as having excellence in operational activities. 

He notes that “it is very rewarding for the entire CGNBE team to stand out in the top 10 of the national market, during the month of April, against 628 wind farms and 115 solar parks. This reinforces that we are on the right track when it comes to safety, quality and excellence in what we do. We are very grateful to all the team and partners, who together are making a difference in the sector”.